Exercise should not come in a one-size-fits-all box.

We believe exercise should be uniquely packaged for each individual.

At jandJ FITNESS, one's exercise program will not be a generic "Workout of the Day" that refuses to address individual needs. Your exercise program will instead be a tailor made, one-of-a-kind personal prescription managed by a highly experienced professional.

We resist both the popular programming trend of "1 workout for every customer" and also the typical "big box" gym approach that jams dozens of machines under their roof, and then expects you to know what exercises to do, when, and how many.


Jenni Allen

Corrective Exercise
Weight Loss Nutrition
High Intensity Interval Training


In addition to leading a GOD first life as a wife and mother, Jenni has used her education and experience for nearly a decade to help others achieve their fitness goals through diverse functional Corrective Exercise.



James Allen

Corrective Exercise
Fitness Nutrition
Metabolic Conditioning


James is a Christian 1st, husband/father 2nd and Personal Trainer 3rd, who possesses 26 years of experience in exercise prescription to special populations.

A graduate of Purdue University, James has provided services to all ages and all skill levels including Professional and Olympic Athletes.


Jessie Whitley

Stabilization Fitness for Triathletes

Jessie is a wife to one and mom to many. She has 4 children of her own and serves God by volunteering her time leading teens. Jessie likes to spend her days adding years to people's lives by helping others achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.