To adequately prescribe the "right" exercise for you, we have to know you. This complimentary 60 minute appointment aims to carefully explore your past, your present and your desired future.

Your medical and exercise history make up the bulk of this appointment, but we will also  save enough time to review and record your goals and objectives.

We can not possibly say that we are the best option for you until we know you a little better and you should'nt have to pay for us to get to know you. 

We want to capture the most complete picture of you as we can so your radiological reports, surgical reports, medical prescriptions (dosage and frequency) and doctor's recommendations are highly valuable to this appointment, therefore acquiring this necessary information in advance of your visit is greatly appreciated. 

Cost: Free


We expect that you expect results.  

We believe you should have a measurable return on your investment.  
This 30-60 minute appointment is focused on acquiring data to either establish starting points for future comparison, or to evaluate your progress and measure trends in your performance.

You do not have to purchase Personal Training services from us to take advantage of this service. Many of our clients have graduated from our teaching and training but still like to check in periodically to make sure they are staying on track. We are happy to provide this service to non-clients as well. 

ASSESSMENTS may include

  • Height/Weight/Waist-to-Hip Measurement/BMI Calculation

  • Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate Measurements

  • Anthropometric, Body Composition Measurements

  • Sub Maximal, Vo2 Cardio tests

  • Endurance, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Functional Movement tests, etc.

COSt: $50

**Follow-up/Trending assessments will be billed at the personal training rate selected by the client.

Personal Training

Whether your Doctor has referred you to us for help with your injury or illness or whether you have just decided that it’s time to stop wasting yours, we have a solution for you. We offer Personal Training in both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions. 
Your FREE consultation will help in determining which is the right prescription for you. 


(1) 60 min = $60     (3) 60 min = $162     (12) 60 min = $576

(1) 30 min = $35   (3) 30 min = $95     (12) 30 min = $336

Add-a-Friend: +$10 to 30 minute sessions, +$20 to 60 minute sessions


Over the years, many of our clients have been restored from injuries and illnesses but rather than move on to managing their own fitness, they have desired a secondary step. Our Bootcamp service evolved out of our client’s needs to be held accountable to proper mechanics and to be encouraged to move forward with their fitness.
Our Bootcamp serves to provide Metabolic Conditioning via High Intensity Interval Training. We incorporate multiple strategies to keep our clients both progressing in their fitness as well as growing in their relationships. 

Our 60 min. classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00am.


First Visit is FREE

Buy (1) Visit = $10

Buy (10), get 3 Free =$100